When Mothers Lose a Child

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh

Miscarriages, still born births, loss of children, it’s all so incredibly hard on parents. When I had a miscarriage I learned they were not uncommon. Knowing this didn’t make it any easier. My sister, Judy, had a baby at 5 and ½ months into her pregnancy over 25 years ago. The baby was stillborn. She named her baby and had to bury her. My daughter was in the first grade at the time. She knew how sad Judy was over this loss. She told Sister Ellen Therese, her first grade teacher, how sad we were for…

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May, 1 2015

Procedures vs. Persons, Abortion vs. Gay Marriage: Another Culture War?

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the four consolidated same-sex “marriage” cases, including Ohio’s Obergefell vs. Hodgeson, on April 28, 2015. As The New York Times reported, the first arguments were over same-sex marriage bans democratically enacted in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio…

Apr, 30 2015

The Education Children Provide Adults

A famous lesson a child taught to an entire court was uttered in one sentence from Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: “But, Daddy, he’s got nothing on.” While the king, all the members of the court and even the common people on the street…

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Apr, 27 2015

Bill Attempts To Silence Pro-Life Stance

In his 2013 exhortation, Evangelli Gaudium, Pope Francis said, “A healthy pluralism, one which genuinely respects differences and values them as such, does not entail privatizing…

Apr, 14 2015

I Want to Live; I Want to Grow

Her name is Chanel Murrish. Her mother experienced a normal pregnancy until her twenty week ultra-sound. They noticed the baby had a life-threatening heart condition that…

Apr, 7 2015

Is Nature Homophobic?

The word “homophobia” is thrown around rather recklessly these days and there does not seem to be a ready comeback against it. It…

Apr, 13 2015

An Authentic Childhood: Every Child’s Birthright

A person can be at home in the world or feel like a foreigner in a strange country.  Whether or not a person feels…

Mar, 31 2015

The Big Lie of Marriage and Family “Equality”

As we draw closer to the big U.S. Supreme Court decision this year on the legality of same-sex “marriage,” we can expect to see our…

Mar, 23 2015

Just a Mom: Beyond “Having it All”

Mid-century or Second Wave Feminism was focused very distinctly on desires that women have to engage in creative work, an ideological thrust that has been…

Apr, 28 2015

Is Hillary a Political Leader or a Religious One?

This past weekend, Presidential-hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton spoke emphatically about the need to improve women’s welfare. She cited a decrease in maternal mortality rates…

Apr, 21 2015

The Naysayer

Of the many attributes of human beings formalized in Latin—the man who knows (homo sapiens), the man who smiles or plays (homo ludens), the…

Apr, 16 2015

Pope Francis Stresses Difference, Complementarity of Genders

Whether the mainstream media chooses to cover it or not, Pope Francis’ General Audience yesterday confirmed once again that he upholds the Church’s teaching…