Helping Adopted Children Thrive

Studies show that many people who were adopted as children grow up to be healthy and happy adults, with full time jobs, marriages, and families of their own. Yet, additional studies have shown that they often have challenges with certain aspects of life such as personal identity, vulnerability, and attachment, or bonding with other members of the family. Also common are issues of feeling rejected by their birth parents, not being sure which family (biological or adopted) they really belong in, feelings of guilt or anxiety about not being appreciative enough to the adopted parents, etc.


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Nov, 23 2015

The Intellectual Elite: The Illuminati

They are known by different names like the Gnostics, the Cognoscenti, the Illuminati, the Enlightened, the Inner Circle, or the Elite, but these names all designate a small group of thinkers who imagine themselves in possession of a higher knowledge and superior wisdom. The…

Nov, 20 2015

The Promise of the Pill

Contraception promises “Free love”; “Liberty”; “Its your choice”; “Its your right”; “Its your body”; “Take control”. Imagine the promises of a larger than life, merciful and loving God, then, can make?

The difference though between this pill and God is that this pill comes with…

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Nov, 17 2015

Are Men Allowed To Be Pro-Life?

It happens infrequently, perhaps not as infrequently as the arrival of Halley’s Comet, but infrequently enough to arouse attention: a celebrated media personality…

Oct, 19 2015

Dear Whoopi Goldberg: What the Bible Has to Say about Abortion

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg made the bold announcement that the Bible has nothing to say about the subject of abortion. An audacious statement, especially…

Oct, 2 2015

Law’s Role: To Encourage Passion or Virtue?

For years, many have been trying to ban state and federal funds to those who perform abortions or are associated with an organization that…

Nov, 19 2015

Slouching Towards a Genderless Society

It would seem that in today’s modern US society there are pundits who wish to make gender something that is fluid. Something that can…

Nov, 11 2015

Children are Good, Regardless of our Feelings

The general attitude towards children in our society is that they are burdens, drains, and leaches who end our lives as we know them. The

Nov, 4 2015

Biological Reality Matters in the Gay Marriage Debate

This is the first of two articles on understanding the Catholic opposition to Same-Sex Marriage. Find Part I here.

In Part I, I examined McDonough’s implicit…

Nov, 13 2015

Purgatory and Particular Judgment

When I was in college, I went through a period of time when I disagreed with some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. I would…

Nov, 9 2015

Mother Nature’s Way Versus Social Engineering

All radical ideologies specialize in social engineering, reconstructing the nature of things to create a more ideal, utopian, perfect, and just world. While social…

Nov, 6 2015

Seeing the Person, Not Just The Crime

A famous sermon preached by Puritan Jonathan Edwards around 1740 entitled, “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God” paints the picture of what awaits…